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I had just finished a round of antibiotics and had to go on a business trip. I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and on my way to the airport, it got worse and i was wondering how to survive a four-hour flight to the East coast. My stomach felt like a rock and kept cramping, when a friend gave me some Dr Rickets AZ2-12 and said: here, that'll work! I thought no way, tried all the enzymes and probiotics at the local health food store already, didn't make any difference at all. Never has worked for me in the past. But hey, to keep my friendship alive, couldn't hurt, Give it a try. An hour later, while sitting in a plane, my stomach started to feel softer, I could breathe again. What a relieve! Could it be that Dr. Ricketts digestive enzymes are actually still alive, in spite of the Arizona heat? Maybe they didn't sit on a loading dock at 115 degrees all weekend. Truly amazing! I now always keep a bottle around and take it regularly, i haven't felt that great in years! Dr. Maria W.


I love this product! Thank you for making it available! Herbal Fiber Cleanse CN from PA.


Dear Dr. Ricketts, I am writing to let you know how grateful my husband and I are of your products CJB + Immune. I believe because of your products my husband is able to walk.

My husband, Dustin was jumping his motorcycle off a freestyle motocross ramp. He over shot the landing which resulted in a pile on fracture of the right tibia and fibula, left rib and clavicle fractures.

Six months later and eight x-rays since the accident there was no signs of healing. The orthopedic surgeon referred him to an ankle specialist in Phoenix. The specialist attempted to use an external bone stimulator for one month. At the end of the month the x-ray still showed his leg was as broken as the day of the accident. The specialist decided it was time for another surgery. During surgery the specialist had not realized that the bones had lost their blood supply.

One month after the second surgery we were looking for a miracle. The surgeon had stated how bad it was and if this surgery doesn't work the only thing left was to amputate it. The x-ray wasn't what we were hoping for, it still showed no signs of healing.

It was now Christmas and I believe our prayers were answered, my aunt mentioned your CJB + Immune and recommended it from her personal use. She was in a serious automobile accident which resulted in multiple pelvic fractures. She started taking it while in the hospital while the doctors were waiting to see if she needed surgery or not letting it heal on its own. After just two weeks the doctors were amazed and had never seen such rapid bone healing.

I ordered CJB + Immune and had Dustin take the alloted amount in January. Four weeks later he went to yet another doctor's appointment and finally we had good news, the fibula was completely healed and the tibia was showing signs of healing.

One year later my husband is finally allowed to walk again thanks to you and your products CJB + Immune .

Thanks a bunch!

Jamee & Dustin



I thought you may want to know this for discussions with your clients. I had a terrible insect bite on my arm. It swelled up really bad and spread. My arm from my elbow to my hand was red, swollen and itchy. I took immune support and the next day it was 80 percent healed. The following day it was all gone.

My assistant has had styes and swollen eyes which itched and hurt for three months. I brought her the immune support after my experience (two days ago) and her eyes are clearing up very rapidly. The itching and pain is completely gone and probably 80% of the swelling.